News 2020

Network advocates for specialized rehab

The Network has teamed up with a group of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists from UofT to advocate for the role of specialized rehabilitation. Ontario Health Teams are taking on responsibility for all care except specialized procedures and the care required for specialized conditions. The Ministry of Health has confirmed that these will continue […]

New pricing proposed for outpatient rehab

The Network has developed pricing for hospital-based outpatient rehab for shoulder arthroplasty and bilateral hip and knee replacements. The proposed pricing, which has been submitted to the Ministry of Health, is based on best practice recommendations and current models of care. It highlights the important role of outpatient rehab in delivering high quality, efficient care […]

Network assesses impact of bundled care

The Network is assessing the impact of bundled care on referral patterns and access to rehabilitative care in the GTA. The Network’s analysis of referral and admission data across hospitals before and after bundled care (FY 2017/18 vs Q1-2 of FY 2019/20) shows that referral patterns are shifting. Based on the data, it is anticipated […]

Rehab resources related to COVID-19

Rehabilitation will play an important role in supporting better outcomes for patients with COVID-19. The GTA Rehab Network and Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) have created an online collection of resources on rehabilitation for patients with, or recovering from, COVID-19. A number are recent publications specific to COVID-19, including some that draw on the experience of […]