News 2021

Network releases rehab guidance for OHTs

The Network has released guidance for Ontario Health Teams to help them identify patients who require specialized rehabilitation and refer them appropriately. Specialized rehabilitation is required for some rehabilitation populations to ensure good patient outcomes and efficient care. These specialized rehabilitation programs are provided regionally or provincially because they require a specially trained interprofessional team, […]

Data show benefits of rehab for COVID-19

Data analyzed by the Network suggest that patients who had COVID-19 are responding well to inpatient rehabilitative care. The conclusion is based on analysis of 2020/21 data reported by 15 rehab/complex continuing care members. The data provide a clearer picture of this new population group, the rehabilitative care these patients require and their outcomes. Members […]

2020/21 outpatient rehab referrals drop steeply

A Network analysis of 2020/21 outpatient rehab data shows a dramatic drop in patient volume due to COVID-19. The Network has been collecting and analyzing quarterly outpatient rehab data in the Toronto region for primary hip and knee replacement, stroke and hip fracture populations since 2014. The analysis allows Network members to compare their performance […]

Network provides pandemic planning support

The Network is actively supporting members in their pandemic and post-pandemic planning and continues to respond to needs as they emerge. This includes regularly convening leaders from rehab/CCC hospitals to share information on COVID-19 planning and to explore ways to coordinate care across the system. Other pandemic initiatives include the following: Ensuring safe surge capacity: […]

Online resource includes post COVID-19 condition

The Network’s COVID-19 rehab resource has been updated with a new listing on post COVID-19 condition (formerly known as long-COVID). The resources that are included reflect the evolving knowledge about the long-term effects of COVID-19 and the important role rehab will play in helping individuals regain function. The extensive list identifies Canadian sources for easy reference […]

Network tracks inpatient referral/admission trends

The Network is tracking referral and admission patterns for inpatient rehab to assess the impact of COVID-19, bundled care and hospital integration on access to rehabilitation. Network members are using the data analysis to inform their planning. The Network’s analysis of rehab referral and admission data across hospitals from 2017/18 to 2020/21 reveals the following: […]

Network analyzes impact of IMS transfers on rehab

The Network has completed an analysis of patient transfers ordered by the GTA COVID-19 Incident Management System (IMS) table to determine the impact of the transfers on the Network’s rehab/CCC members. During the pandemic, rehab/CCC hospitals are accepting patient transfers as directed in order to maintain acute care capacity for COVID-19 patients. To determine the […]

Resource for OHTs advocates for specialized rehab

As Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) take on responsibility for delivery of care, the Network is advocating for specialized rehabilitative care for certain rehabilitation populations to ensure good patient outcomes and efficient care. As part of this work, the Network is developing a simple resource to help OHTs identify patients who require specialized rehabilitation and refer […]