News 2023

GTA Rehab Network welcomes new chair

The GTA Rehab Network is delighted to announce that Scott Ovenden has been elected as the GTA Rehab Network’s incoming Board Chair. We are certain those who know Scott will agree he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Network, particularly in the realm of healthcare leadership. Currently serving as President & CEO […]

Optimizing rehab and CCC capacity to support ALC reduction

In July, Ontario Health (OH) released a communiqué that provided operational direction and guidance to acute care and rehabilitation/complex continuing care hospital CEOs on reducing ALC days and improving patient access to care. This guidance document directly referred to many of the Network’s tools and resources that can be used to support the implementation of […]

OT home environment assessment guide developed

The Network’s Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) Home Environment Assessment Working Group has completed a final draft of the Occupational Therapy Home Environment Assessment Resource Guide for Care Coordinators. The guide has been developed to supplement existing eligibility criteria and assist care coordinators in determining eligibility for in-home occupational therapy environment assessments. It […]

Non-emergency patient transport model permanently adopted and expanding

The Network’s partnership with Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, participating acute care sites and transportation provider Voyago, to pilot a new non-emergency patient transport booking model as a pull-strategy into rehab/CCC, has been a success. Conceived to help reduce admission delays to rehab/CCC hospitals due to transportation booking issues, the model has been refined based on feedback […]

Capturing the current state of outpatient rehabilitative care

While outpatient rehab is an important component of a high-functioning health care system, at present limited information is available about the services provided in this sector. To help inform a “current state” view of the supply and utilization and inform capacity planning for rehabilitative care across the GTA, the Network has developed a survey focused […]

Strengthening rehab and CCC bed capacity reporting

The Network continues to provide data quality support and oversight to help ensure the accuracy of rehab and CCC bed capacity reports.  This reporting initiative complements the current bed management dashboard of Ontario Health. Weekly qualitative bed capacity information, including the availability of specialty beds and the number of waitlisted referrals by programs and special […]

Supporting quality improvement through outpatient rehab and hip fracture data

The GTA Rehab Network recently met with Ontario Health Toronto to provide a summary of 2022-23 FY performance on outpatient rehab and hip fracture data, as well as contextual factors influencing the indicators for both. The Network analyzes organizations’ quarterly data and produces regional reports, which are used to monitor performance, support quality improvement and […]

Improving efficiency in referrals

The Network’s Inpatient Rehab Referral Consultation Group met last month to discuss challenges in the inpatient rehab/CCC referral process and identify strategies to address the issues identified, where possible. At their meeting, the group reviewed information from a survey the Network conducted with rehab/CCC program directors to better understand the reasons their programs may request […]

2022/23 Annual Report now available

The GTA Rehab Network is pleased to share its 2022/23 annual report, A Voice for Rehabilitative Care. Over the past year, the Network has proudly worked with members and other stakeholders to strengthen patient care, contextualize data, share and spread best practices and optimize system flow. We invite you to read the report to learn […]

A Quick Reference Guide to optimize in-home rehabilitation for older adults

The Network has developed a Quick Reference Guide for Optimizing In-Home Rehab Care for Older Adults in partnership with GTA Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) and the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto. A resource for HCCSS care coordinators and rehab professionals, the guide illustrates the positive impact an in-home rehab professional can have […]