News 2023

Updated inpatient rehab referral guideline available

To support patient flow and help avoid ALC designation, the Network recently worked with acute care and rehab/CCC partners to update its Referral Guideline for Bedded Levels of Rehabilitative Care. The guideline outlines essential criteria and timelines for both referral senders and receivers to maximize efficiency and improve patient flow. It complements the efforts of […]

Analyzing cross-regional data to better understand demand, capacity and flow

The Network has analyzed rehab/complex continuing care (CCC) utilization data to better understand demand, capacity and patient flow between member organizations of Ontario Health’s Central, Toronto and East regions. As patients often cross regional borders in the GTA, the Network reviewed their residential locations relative to rehab/CCC programs accessed, rehab patient groups, sending hospitals and […]

Improving system flow through test of change

To help reduce admission delays to rehab/CCC hospitals due to transportation booking issues, the Network has partnered with Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, participating acute care sites and transportation provider Voyago to pilot new non-emergency patient transport models. Current efforts are building on lessons learned during a 10-week pilot initiated last fall, when participants tested a dedicated […]

Learning together at Best Practices Day 2023

Best Practices Day 2023 was a success, with nearly 180 attendees joining virtually to choose from six concurrent sessions and enjoy rapid podium presentations, virtual poster displays and online networking opportunities. The Network was pleased to have Dr. Karima Velji, Chief of Nursing & Professional Practice and Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for the Province […]