Document Archive

The following documents are no longer in active use, but are provided as a reference resource.

Acute to Inpatient Rehab/CCC
Discharge Planning Guidelines for Inpatient Rehabilitation These guidelines provide guiding principles, standards and discharge readiness criteria for inpatient high tolerance and low tolerance rehab programs.
Patient Information Letter for patients referred to inpatient rehab/LTLD rehab This letter is used during discharge planning discussions if a patient is being referred to a rehab/CCC hospital for inpatient rehab/LTLD rehab programs.
Hip Fracture
Outpatient Rehabilitation Model of Care for Patients Post-Hip Fracture This model of care represents optimal care based on existing evidence and expert opinion.
Geriatric Rehab
Clarifying the Complexities of Inpatient Geriatric Rehab (Feb 2007) This report describes the pioneering work of the Network in the development of a Geriatric Rehab Definitions Framework.
Geriatric Rehab Definitions Framework (May 2008) This framework describes the key features of hospital and community-based geriatric rehabilitative care.
Inpatient Geriatric Rehab Triage Guideline (May 2008) This triage guideline was developed for use by front-line clinicians to assist them in determining the appropriate type of rehab program.