The Network is working on a potential demonstration project to use CCC beds for hip fracture patients with complex needs. The work is part of the Network’s initiative with the Toronto Stroke Networks to improve flow for complex hip fracture and stroke patients.

The proposed demonstration project will test the use of CCC beds in the care pathway for hip fracture patients with weight-bearing restrictions. Rather than patients waiting in acute care until they are ready for rehab, they would be transferred to a rehab/CCC hospital following surgery. Recovery would take place in a CCC bed and when ready, the patient would begin low tolerance, long duration rehab. The approach would bring a rehab and recovery lens to the patient’s entire recovery process and ensure they move only once.

The Network has convened a clinical working group to explore options for the demonstration project and hopes to launch the project later this year.

For more information, please contact Sanja Milicic Iafrate, project manager.