Network members are gathering data to guide efforts to improve flow for hip fracture patients with complex needs.

Five acute care hospitals are tracking data on all MSK patients that have weight-bearing restrictions following surgery. Weight-bearing restrictions have been identified as a key factor that prevents timely transfers and patients accessing the rehabilitative care they need. The data will capture how long the restrictions are in place, the rehab destination (planned and final) and any other issues that prevent transfer.

The Network is planning a demonstration project that will test options for improving flow for hip fracture patients. By tracking data for all surgical patients with weight-bearing restrictions, the Network can determine if there is a need to expand the project beyond hip fracture to include other patient groups.

The Network is also conducting a literature review to identify best practices for rehabilitation for patients with weight-bearing restrictions. This information will further shape the demonstration project. The Network plans to launch the project in 2019.

For more information, contact Sanja Milicic Iafrate, project manager.