The electronic Resource Matching and Referral System (RM&R) used in the Toronto Central and Central LHINs is being updated to align with the levels of rehabilitative care in the RCA’s Definitions Framework for Bedded Levels of Rehabilitative Care.

The Network is working with RM&R to make the change, which will be completed in this fiscal year. With the update, referrals will be made to specific levels of rehabilitative care: Rehabilitation (high intensity or low intensity), Activation/Restoration, Complex Medical Management – Short Term and Complex Medical Management – Long Term.

Over the past year, the Network has also worked with rehab/CCC hospitals in the Toronto Central LHIN to help them categorize their bedded programs according to the definitions framework and to apply the RCA’s standardized naming convention. This work supports the RM&R update.

Efforts are also underway to align the Network’s Rehab Finder, with the definitions frameworks. Rehab Finder is an online, searchable database that provides detailed information on rehabilitative care programs provided by Network member organizations. The redesign will also reflect feedback from user focus groups. Stay tuned for the launch of the new Rehab Finder this fall.

For more information, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.