Input from acute, rehab/CCC and home and community care will shape the Network’s new inter-organizational transfer of accountability (TOA) guideline. The guideline is a cross-sector initiative to support effective transitions and improve patient safety, experience and flow.

A group of Network member hospitals collected data to identify TOA issues between acute and rehab hospitals late last year. Now with the help of the GTA LHINs, the Network has completed a survey of contracted service providers who provide rehabilitative services at home and in the community. Close to 140 frontline staff responded to the survey, which will identify TOA issues as patients move from inpatient care into the community.

The Network is also conducting a literature review of best practices and principles to shape the guideline.

In the coming months, the Network will bring together its two working groups (acute/rehab/CCC and home and community care) to use all of this information to create a TOA guideline.

Interest and participation in this initiative has been high: all Network members are represented on the two working groups. The completed guideline will be released in spring 2019.

For more information, please contact project managers Sanja Milicic Iafrate (hospitals) or Sharon Ocampo-Chan (home and community care).