The Network has developed evidence-based pricing for hospital-based outpatient stroke rehab to support the rollout of stroke bundled care. The proposed pricing was submitted to the Ministry of Health in October. The Network has also met with the Ministry to provide further information and answer questions as it considers the pricing.

The pricing model is based on Canadian recommendations for stroke best practice, the Ministry of Health/Health Quality Ontario QBP clinical handbook for stroke and the Network’s outpatient rehab data. Earlier this year, the Network used a similar approach to propose alternate hospital-based outpatient rehab pricing for the hip and knee bundled care pilot. The Network is a strong advocate for funding that supports the delivery of evidence-based best practice rehabilitative care.

The Network is also acting as a resource to the stroke networks in the South East and South West, who are using the Network’s approach to help them price the delivery of stroke rehab in the home, with the intent to submit the analysis for provincial consideration.

For more information, please contact project manager, Sharon Ocampo-Chan.