Two new Network tools will streamline communication between bundle holders and provider organizations. The tools address operational concerns raised by Network members participating in bundled care.

  • Inter-organizational contact list: Members reported that communication on patient issues and bundled care invoicing has been difficult due to a lack of clarity on who to contact and their contact information. To address this, the Network worked with members to develop an up-to-date contact list for all organizations involved in bundled care. The list will support warm patient hand-offs and more efficient financial transactions between provider organizations and bundle-holders. The contact list is available from Project Manager, Sharon Ocampo-Chan.
  • Standardized outcomes reporting form: Organizations are receiving referrals from multiple bundle-holders and each bundle-holder has different reporting requirements. The Network is working with members to develop a standardized form and approach. The form will establish consistent reporting elements such as patient outcomes and details of visits (e.g., number of sessions, format of treatment, and functional outcomes). The form will be finalized and circulated to members in the new year. For more information, contact Project Manager, Sue Balogh.