The GTA Rehab Network has begun a strategic planning process to set priorities and goals for the next three years.

There has been significant change in the health care system since the Network’s last strategic plan in 2015. As the system continues to evolve and the needs of member organizations change, it is important that the Network focuses on the things that matter most to its members.

The Network has engaged The Potential Group to assist in the process. They are working closely with a sub-committee of the Network’s Coordinating Council and with secretariat staff.

The process involves consultation with executives and directors/managers from all member institutions, key partners and leading thinkers within and around Ontario. One-on-one interviews, online focus groups and focused in-person sessions have now taken place. The new strategic plan will be brought forward to the Coordinating Council for approval in September.

For more information, please contact Charissa Levy, Executive Director.