The Network is regularly updating its online resource of COVID-19 rehab resources as the body of evidence continues to grow. The resource identifies Canadian sources for easy reference and is organized in the following categories:

  • Rehab Resources Specific to COVID-19
  • Rehab Policy/Planning Considerations for COVID-19
  • Tele-Rehab and COVID-19
  • Rehab in the ICU
  • Rehab after Critical Illness
  • Rehab and Recovery from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Members are also encouraged to join the Rehab and COVID-19 Community of Practice (CoP) on Ontario Health’s Quorum platform. Hosted by the GTA Rehab Network and the Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA), the CoP provides an opportunity to share information and resources on the planning and provision of rehabilitative care in the context of COVID-19.