The Network is assessing the impact of bundled care on referral patterns and access to rehabilitative care in the GTA.

The Network’s analysis of referral and admission data across hospitals before and after bundled care (FY 2017/18 vs Q1-2 of FY 2019/20) shows that referral patterns are shifting. Based on the data, it is anticipated that FY 2019/20 data will reveal an increase in admission volumes for high intensity rehab, as well as an increased demand for low intensity rehab.

The data analysis is proving valuable to members to inform planning. Although the work was put on hold due to the pandemic, the Network intends to continue the analysis following further consultation with stakeholders. The Network also plans to convene a program directors group to help review the data and consider future steps, including a potential analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on referral patterns.

For more information, please contact Charissa Levy, Executive Director.