The Network recently completed an environmental scan of short-term transitional care models (STTCMs) in the GTA. The report provides an overview of how rehabilitative care is integrated within these emerging models in order to help providers better understand the role of STTCMs within rehabilitative care.

STTCMs were established to provide temporary care and accommodation outside hospitals for ALC patients while they await discharge home or to long-term care. The scan reviews 13 STTCM programs in the GTA that have a bedded program with a rehabilitative care component. Rehabilitative care in these programs is focused on re-activation—promoting social and physical activity to improve or restore function and independence.

The report provides an overview of each of the programs, including a description of the program, the rehabilitative care services provided and the referral process.

The review suggests that STTCMs are successfully addressing capacity challenges in acute care hospitals and providing an opportunity for patients to access some rehabilitative care in the system. However, the duration and frequency of rehabilitation is lower than in high- and low-intensity rehabilitative care programs and is similar to convalescent care provided in long-term care.

For more information, please contact Sanja Milicic Iafrate, Project Manager.