The Network is actively supporting members in their pandemic and post-pandemic planning and continues to respond to needs as they emerge. This includes regularly convening leaders from rehab/CCC hospitals to share information on COVID-19 planning and to explore ways to coordinate care across the system.

Other pandemic initiatives include the following:

  • Ensuring safe surge capacity: To support planning for COVID-19 surges in acute care, the Network has developed a safety risk tool to categorize where rehab/CCC populations can be redirected safely across hospitals if needed. The tool also details special needs (e.g., dialysis, respiratory care, IV therapy) that can be managed by each organization.
  • Analyzing data on COVID-19 rehab utilization: To better understand the rehabilitation needs and resource utilization of patients with COVID-19, the Network is analyzing COVID-19 inpatient discharges from 15 rehab/CCC organizations to look at patient length of stay, outcomes, discharge destination and services required at discharge (e.g., home and community care, mental health supports, etc.). The data analysis, which is now done quarterly, provides members with insights to guide ongoing planning.
  • Tracking impact of COVID-19 on outpatient rehab: Through its ongoing quarterly analysis of outpatient rehabilitation data, the Network is tracking the impact of COVID-19 on outpatient volumes and the growth in virtual or hybrid models of rehabilitative care.
  • Facilitating COVID-19 transition planning: During the pandemic, bed capacity and admission policies for patients with COVID-19 have changed frequently. To support patient flow, the Network regularly provides acute care hospitals with an up-to-date listing of admission requirements and visitors policies in place at rehab/CCC hospitals. The Network also developed a comprehensive list of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative services available from rehab/CCC hospitals for patients who have had COVID-19.
  • Understanding pandemic impact on in-home rehab: The Network is convening directors across home and community care support services to discuss the pandemic’s impact and better understand changes to models of care that could be sustained and spread as part of pandemic recovery.

For information on these initiatives, please contact the GTA Rehab Network.