The Network’s COVID-19 rehab resource has been updated with a new listing on post COVID-19 condition (formerly known as long-COVID). The resources that are included reflect the evolving knowledge about the long-term effects of COVID-19 and the important role rehab will play in helping individuals regain function. The extensive list identifies Canadian sources for easy reference and includes the following:

  • Understanding Long COVID-19: Briefing note by the Research, Analysis, and Evaluation Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Health summarizes the research evidence
  • Rehab post-COVID-19: Study describes the creation of a remote COVID-19 rehab assessment tool and highlights the need to plan rehab services for all patients with symptoms consistent with post-COVID-19 syndrome
  • COVID-19 rapid guideline — managing the long-term effects of COVID-19: NICE guideline makes recommendations about care in all health care settings and includes advice on organizing services for post COVID-19 condition, including rehabilitation

The Network also continues to update other sections of the COVID-19 resource, which includes listings on Tele-Rehab and COVID-19, Rehab Resources Specific to COVID-19 and Rehab/Policy Planning Considerations and a variety of other topic areas.