As Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) take on responsibility for delivery of care, the Network is advocating for specialized rehabilitative care for certain rehabilitation populations to ensure good patient outcomes and efficient care.

As part of this work, the Network is developing a simple resource to help OHTs identify patients who require specialized rehabilitation and refer them appropriately. The resource is evidence-based and is being created with the help of interprofessional working groups with specialized rehab expertise.

The resource will cover nine patient populations: amputee, acquired brain injury, burns, cardiovascular, complex trauma, oncology, respiratory, spinal cord injury and stroke. It will include a description of aspects of specialized rehab for each population and a detailed patient profile for in-patient and community-based specialized rehab that includes diagnosis, rehab goals and population-specific considerations.

The resource will be distributed to OHTs across the GTA this summer and posted on the Network’s website. (Note: The stroke profile will be developed and available from the Toronto Stroke Network.)

For more information, please contact the GTA Rehab Network.