The Network has convened a consultation group with representatives from acute care and rehab/CCC to review its Inpatient Rehab Referral Guideline. The guideline describes criteria for aspects of the inpatient rehab referral process for both the sending and receiving sides (e.g., determining rehab readiness, timing of rehab referral submissions, number of referrals to be submitted, timing of response to referrals) to maximize efficiency in the referral process.

The discussion to date is bringing renewed awareness of the criteria and metrics within the guideline and offering the opportunity to determine if additional metrics are needed to support patient flow.

For more information, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.

Participating Network members:

    • Baycrest Health Sciences
    • Mackenzie Health
    • North York General Hospital
    • Oak Valley Health
    • Sinai Health System/Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital
    • Southlake Regional Health Centre
    • Unity Health Toronto
    • University Health Network