An inpatient referral small working group has been convened to review the Network’s Rehab/CCC inpatient referral form with a view to optimizing the completion of referral information and reducing Requests for Information (RFIs).

The small working group representing acute care and rehab/CCC has been identifying changes to the form such as mandating completion of certain information fields, offering drop-down menus to guide referrers in providing the most relevant information, and revising the wording to provide more specificity on the type of information that receiving sites require. As the referral form is incorporated into the Resource Matching & Referral platform, the RMR program manager has also participated in the working group to optimize the online presentation of referral information fields.

As a next step, the group will develop an implementation plan that will include updating guidance documents, a communication/education strategy and an evaluation plan.

For more information, please contact Sue Balogh, Project Manager.

Participating Network Members:

  • North York General Hospital
  • Scarborough Health Network
  • Sinai Health System/Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences/St. John’s Rehab
  • Toronto ABI Network
  • University Health Network/Toronto Rehab
  • Unity Health Toronto/Providence Healthcare