Post-COVID-19 Outpatient Rehab Referral/Pathway

Updated: February 4, 2022
RCA Standardized Intake and Communication Pathway for COVID-19 Outpatient Rehabilitation (February 2022) A standardized intake and communication pathway for this patient group that describes the management of referrals received from primary care and communications back to primary care regarding the referral and treatment plan. It includes a standardized physician letter template that has been developed to facilitate the communication by COVID-19 Outpatient Rehab Programs to primary care.
GTA Rehab Network’s Rehab Finder Rehab Finder is the GTA Rehab Network’s searchable database of rehabilitation programs/clinics/services provided by hospitals and Home and Community Care across the GTA. It can be searched using COVID-19 as a rehabilitative condition/population. Use this tool to look for dedicated outpatient rehabilitation programs following COVID-19.
RCA Post-COVID-19 Outpatient Rehab Referral Form (February 2022) A standardized, streamlined post-COVID-19 outpatient rehab referral form.