Rehab in the ICU/Acute Care

Updated: January 28, 2022
NEW Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the acute hospital setting and beyond: an update to clinical practice recommendations (January 2022)   The updated guidelines are intended for use by physiotherapists and other relevant stakeholders caring for adult patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in the acute care setting and beyond.
COVID-19: Patient Characteristics in the First Phase of Post-intensive Care Rehabilitation (February 2021) Article describes the clinical characteristics of patients after intensive care unit (ICU) treatment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) who were admitted for inpatient rehabilitation.
ICU Recovery Network compilation of approximately 2,500 hand-selected publications (January 2021) Published by the Mobilization-network, an international open forum for those who are interested in the early mobilization and rehabilitation of mechanically ventilated intensive care patients.
The role of speech and language therapists in the intensive care unit (September 2019) Describes role SLPs can play in ICU, including assessment, rehabilitation and advice in areas of communication, swallowing and tracheostomy weaning.
 Occupational Therapy in the ICU: A Scoping Review of 221 Documents (2019) This review by Ontario-based OTs notes that physical rehab is more prevalent in ICUs, but that opportunities exist for OTs to make significant contributions in areas like ADLs, cognition, etc.
 Rehabilitation in the ICU for PTs, OTs and SLPs: ICU Mobility Checklist (December 2019) Publication from Alberta Health Services. Shared with permission.
 Early Mobility in the ICU: Translating the Rehab Approach to Acute Care (2017) Presentation by Vincent Lo, Critical Care Physiotherapist at UHN/Toronto General and Lecturer, UofT
Occupational Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review Occupational Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review (July 2017) A synthesis of the available literature on occupational therapy interventions performed in the ICU.
Physical rehabilitation interventions for adult patients during critical illness: An overview of systematic reviews (2016) This overview confirms physical rehabilitation delivered in the early stages of critical illness in the intensive care unit (ICU) produces improvements in a range of outcomes.
Early Rehabilitation in the Intensive Care Unit: Preventing Physical and Mental Health Impairments (December 2013) Addresses evidence-based rehabilitation interventions to reduce the physical and mental health impairments associated with post-intensive care syndrome (PICS).
Early physical and occupational therapy in mechanically ventilated, critically ill patients: a randomized controlled trial (2009) RCT demonstrates better functional outcomes for ventilated patients with daily interruption of sedation and physical and occupational therapy.
 CPA Position Statement on Physiotherapy in the ICU Cites evidence that early mobilization in ICU results in decreased length of stay in ICU and decreased overall hospital stay.