Supporting OHTs

As care delivery shifts to Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), the Network is advising OHTs on how to integrate rehabilitative care within their population health approach. In particular, the Network is providing expertise and resources to help OHTs plan and provide rehab services for their priority populations.

Our work in this area includes the following:

  • Advocating for rehabilitative care: Evidence shows that rehabilitative care improves health outcomes for patients, shortens hospital stays and helps older adults to maintain function and avoid hospitalization. This brief overview demonstrates how rehab care services can help OHTs deliver on the quadruple aim.
  • Developing rehabilitation guidelines for three priority populations: The Network’s population-specific guide for OHTs provides brief, evidence-based information on how rehab contributes to care and positive patient outcomes for three priority populations: individuals with congestive heart failure, individuals with COPD and older adults with frailty. The guides also outline rehab considerations for these populations in the context of COVID-19, as well as recommendations to assist OHTs in planning rehabilitative care.
  • Developing guidance on specialized rehabilitative care: Specialized rehabilitation is required for certain populations to ensure good patient outcomes and efficient care. The Network’s guidance on specialized rehabilitation for OHTs provides evidence-based patient profiles to help identify patients who require specialized rehabilitation and refer them appropriately.